Arbor and Pergola for Yard And Patios In North Texas

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Now is a great time to purchase an arbor.

Arbor Construction has been a part of my craft for over three decades

I pride myself on artistry craftsmanship and JH Pool and Deck can create any type of arbor to suit your home.

Arbor or Pergola : Which is right for your Landscape?

An arbor has several practical features, while also adding visual appeal to your outdoor area. Consider these things that an arbor can offer when comparing to other landscape structures. An arbor can transform the yard from a desert to a destination by defining an area. It can be used as an event stage or a vertical garden. A popular use for an arbor is to offer privacy while still enjoying the outdoors. Arbors offer shade and shelter special items or existing property features. They can extend the current style of the yard and home by coordinating in the same style as they welcome visitors to the area. A matching arbor accents the flagstone walkway to the door of the home. Arbors attract potential buyers by increasing the value of your home. For an asian influence, add an asian style arbor. We can help select the best type of arbor for your outdoor living space.


Attached Arbors

Attached arbors are custom built to your specification. Adding an attached arbor is a terrific way to enhance an existing structure. These are commonly used to add shade to a patio. Many people use an attached arbor to cover a large window or sliding glass door.

Freestanding Arbors

Freestanding arbors create destinations in your landscape. We build a freestanding arbor over flagstone patios, pools, decks, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor living spaces to provide an area with shade or protection from wind, rain, and hail.

Open Top Arbors

Open top arbors let light in and give a greenery a place to grow while adding privacy.
Covered-top arbors

Covered-top arbors

Covered-top arbors add protection from sun and rain while extending your privacy.

Arbor or Pergola can be Built Anywhere

Open Areas that see a lot of sun can benefit from the shade that an arbor will bring. Placing an arbor at the edge of the yard can provide privacy by becoming a barrier on the perimeter. An arbor can be used as shelter from rain and sun over a sidewalk. These are especially useful in narrow stretches of land like along the side of a house leading to a side or back door. Popular on larger properties, entrances around the edge of the yard can benefit from an arbor. These can coordinate with the style of the outdoor area and enhance the value of the property by adding to the visual design. Using an arbor near a pool is a great way to offer some convenience and a covered seating area. Arbors are also useful for vertical gardens, frequently built between hedges.


All of our arbors are made entirely of cedar. Cedar is our choice of material because because of it’s durability while requiring little maintenance. Its all natural material is safe and eco-friendly for the environment.

Additional Features

We can add function and provide a seating area as part of the arbor. Ask us about adding a bench, railing, stairs, deck, fireplace, or other custom features to your arbor.

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