Replacing a Swimming Pool

Replacing a Swimming Pool

Dear Mr. Hendriksen:

We are writing to commend you and your crew on a job well done. As you know, our home was hit by a tornado and the swimming pool you had installed just last August was badly damaged. After receiving a bid from you and one other outfit, we selected your competitor to repair the pool, which proved to be disastrous. He really did us wrong with this job and after three (3) weeks of broken promises by him, we were fed up.

I phoned you on Saturday, May 24, to see if you’d come back out to the house and give us an estimate of how much to fix this mess. You showed up the very next morning (on a Sunday at that!!). I won’t go into what you saw that day in our back yard but what I will say is you told me how much to fix, how long it would take and that you’d have a crew out tomorrow to start the job. Well it happened that tomorrow was Memorial Day. I asked “you’re going to work on a holiday?” You responded with a resounding yes.

And I mean to tell you, 1st thing Monday morning here rolls up a “real” crew complete with a trailer full of equipment and supplies— five men to get this job knocked out. Those guys got to work and I mean by the end of the day we had what resembled our swimming pool back. The very next morning, here come four more men to finish the job. They completed the repairs and our pool was ready for chemicals that night.

We are so grateful for you and your crew coming out on such short notice; we’re grateful for you doing what you say you’re going to do; and we’re grateful to have our swimming pool back to the level of Doughboy & Crown Pool quality. We want to tell you thank you for a job well done. We will always phone James W. Hendriksen Pool & Deck Company for any pool business we may have in the future. Thank you again.

Mark & Lynette Cox
cc: Crown Pools